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Daikin Airconditioning Netherlands B.V.  
Fascinatio Boulevard 562 
2909 VA Capelle aan den IJssel 

Gratis informatienummer voor consumenten:   (088) 888 07 02  
Bent u professionals in de koel- of koudetechniek? belt u dan: (088) 324 54 60

What about legionella?

The legionella bacteria is a natural inhabitant of water. Temperature is of great importance for the legionella proliferation. Especially temperatures between 40 and 50°C may lead to colonization of the bacteria. 

Daikin e.g. does not use water in its air conditioning systems. So no harm for humans can be caused. In chilled water systems for industrial purpose, the legionella bacteria can not live because of the low temperature of the water in the closed circuit.